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Tuesdays, starting at 5:00 PM
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At Allegheny Rhythms RGC LLC, we artfully combine gymnastics elements with ballet and creative movement to music, while working with the various rhythmic gymnastics’ specific apparatus. Our classes will teach and develop grace and physical strength, will enhance flexibility, and improve confidence. We are committed to providing a safe, positive, and fun learning environment for all the students enrolled in our programs. We offer individual recreational and competitive Rhythmic Gymnastics instruction, as well as Group, which is a separate competitive Rhythmic Gymnastics discipline.


Rhythmic gymnastics was first recognized as a sport by the International Gymnastics Federation (FIG) in 1963, however Rhythmic Gymnastics became an Olympic sport in 1984, with an individual all-around event. 

Rhythmic routines are performed at competitions with 4 of the following apparatus: rope, ball, hoop, clubs, ribbon, and free hand (floor exercise). 

The Group all-around competition was added to the Olympics in 1996, and initially the Group was formed of 6 gymnasts. Nowadays, in the Group event, 5 gymnasts perform a routine with various apparatus (5 balls, 5 ribbons, 3 hoops and 2 clubs, 3 ribbons and 2 balls, etc.) 

At international level, rhythmic gymnastics is a women-only sport, however our Club’s mission is to be inclusive of everyone interested in learning this amazing sport, so all are welcome, regardless of biological sex or gender identity.


Now enrolling for the 2023 – 2024 season.
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